Friday, March 06, 2009

No Confidence


American business is showing that it has no confidence in Barack Obama as the Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to fall as new details of the Obama economic stimulus plan emerge. In sponsoring bills that allow illegal aliens to get drivers' licenses, some Republicans in the Tennessee General Assembly could lose the confidence of the party's conservative base.

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At Friday, March 06, 2009 8:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David O,

Wish you would do a semi-weekly show the topics you cover are great. keep is going. Dan

At Friday, March 06, 2009 11:34:00 PM, Blogger Donna Locke said...

I guess we know now what Ramsey and some other Tennessee Republicans meant about being "more business-friendly."

State Sen. Bill Ketron and state Rep. Debra Maggart, both of whom are Republicans, have filed a pair of bills that would allow illegal aliens to obtain state-issued photo ID cards. The bills are moving. SB2158 - HB2240. I am an immigration-control activist. I live in Maury County. I ask you to fight these bills. Contact these lawmakers:,,,

You can copy and paste that entire line of e-mail addresses into your send-to box, close any spaces, and send to all at once with your message. Mention the bill numbers. Ramsey and Mumpower are Republican leaders in our legislature.

You could contact the officers and members of the Senate Transportation Committee as well. Ketron's SB2158 in that committee now.

The Tennessee Republicans in our legislature are semi-hardline on demagnetizing Tennessee to illegal immigration, which does not explain the huge magnet to same that state Sen. Bill Ketron and state Rep. Debra Maggart propose in their pair of bills, SB2158 - HB2240, to allow illegal aliens (all state residents) to obtain government-issued photo ID in Tennessee.

Ketron and Maggart, who have sponsored and supported anti-illegal-immigration bills, are also sponsoring bills to require government-issued photo ID for voting in Tennessee, to protect the elections process from fraud, etc. The two proposals don't jibe.

Bad bills.

Maggart's bill to allow all state residents to get photo ID now has an amendment pending. I'm waiting to see what it will be, but I think some of the Republicans and Democrats intend to oppose these bills.

Here is an e-mail I sent to Maggart. I sent a stronger one to Ketron, as he is my state senator.

"Copied to Mumpower and Ramsey.


I was shocked to see that you are sponsoring HB2240 to allow illegal aliens to get photo ID. When I first saw that bill on the legislature's site, I saw your name and Ketron's and scrolled past it without reading it, because I trusted you two on this issue. During your last campaign, I spoke up for you on the political blogs as being tough on immigration enforcement and demagnetization. This bill is the reverse. I am doubly disappointed in Ketron, who is my senator.

I have concluded the Republicans are caving and are preparing to throw the immigration-control portion of their coalition under the bus.

You and Ketron are using our legislature to represent foreign nationals and the aliens’ employers, whose employment of illegal labor is subsidized by us American citizens. These photo IDs legitimize unlawful presence in our country and are starter keys that can be built on in accessing our system.

Please withdraw this bill.

Donna Locke"

I'll add that Tennessee law allows issuance of state ID cards to foreigners who are in our country on temporary visas. This, also, should be stopped.

At Monday, March 09, 2009 12:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's highly inaccurate to suggest that "American business" is showing that it has "no confidence" in Obama by the volatility of the stock market - I think the reverse is true - that the stock market has no confidence in American business. Simple economics dictate that companies that will do well will have their stock bought and sold at levels that indicate the relative strength or weakness of the company. For example, Citigroup can be had for a mere pittance - most likely the market's expression that the company is doomed to failure. I don't see that any of Obama's plans for the economy are based upon maintaining the DJIA, but more directed at preventing the catastrophic failure of the banking system - a system, whether we like it or not, provides the oil for the economic machine. To that end, it appears that there are mixed results - but the goal is long term survival, not short term profitability.

As to the issue of driver's licenses, this is one of the stupidest issues of all time. The goal of the state should be to ensure that every driver on the road should be licensed or identified - from a practical standpoint, I believe that you would want to know the name of any person you were in an accident with or who was charged with a traffic offense. Secondly, (with the proper legislation which I believe we should have in Tennessee)it would assist in ensuring that there was financial responsibility for all drivers. Third, it would be an additional source of revenue for the state if they were collecting the driver's license fee from every person.

Yes, they are here illegally, however, until there is some effort to crack down on illegal immigration, they should be compelled to observe every law on the books, including the one that says that every driver on the roads of Tennessee should be licensed.

At Monday, March 09, 2009 7:32:00 PM, Blogger Steve Mule said...

You're being practical and realistic, fact based even. Don't you know that in the fetid worldview of conservatives facts can never be allowed to stand in the way of idealogy? Don't you know that?



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