Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memo to Odom: Please Run for Governor!

Yesterday the Nashville Post and Kleinheider reported the best political news for the Tennessee Republican Party that I've heard in weeks-that there is a movement afoot for Tennessee House Democratic Leader Gary Odom to run for Governor in 2010:

While he would not dismiss the speculation about entering the governors race,
Odom told “My priority is 100% focused on the state
legislature and passing a budget that will help Tennessee’s working families.”

The translation, of course, is that Odom is tentatively planning to seek the Democratic nomination for Governor. Even as Kent Williams is thrown out of the Republican Party, the stars seem to align in favor of the Tennessee GOP. First, we learn that Phil Bredesen is under consideration for federal Secretary of Health and Human Services, and now comes the news that Gary Odom, by far one of the State's most liberal legislators, may make a run for Governor.

If Bredesen goes to HHS, Ron Ramsey becomes Governor, making him the incumbent in 2010- and thus much more likely to be the Republican nominee. Odom's only (and very remote) hope of victory would be if Bill Haslam were nominated by the GOP. If Ramsey is already the Governor in 2010, it would be very hard for Haslam to win the nomination even with all of his money.

If Bredesen stays, Odom still won't have it easy, and will likely be thoroughly routed in the 2010 General Election. Republicans can only hope and pray, enlisting the assistance of all the hosts of Heaven, that Gary Odom actually goes through with his planned run. Not only will Odom lose, but the only Democrat who stands in the way of real Republican control of the Tennessee House of Representatives will be out of the House.

Run Gary run!

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At Wednesday, February 11, 2009 2:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would he lose? I bet he wins Carter Co. I doubt Ron could win Carter now.


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