Saturday, January 17, 2009

What to Do About Williams

After the events of this week, I have been ruminating in my mind how I should react to the treachery and deceit of Kent Williams to his fellow Republicans across Tennessee. Some question whether Williams should be allowed to remain in the Republican Party, and there does seem to be some division among the betrayed on the matter. One school of thought says that now that Williams occupies the chair of the House for the next two years, however ill-gotten, the GOP leadership should do its best to put Williams to the test. Since obtaining the Chair Tuesday, Williams has made a number of promises to Leader Mumpower and other Republicans. The test will be whether he keeps these. His word thus far hasn't been worth all that much.

Another mentality says that Williams must be removed from the party post-haste, because failing to do so sends a message to other "squishy" House Republicans (there are about 7 or 8 of them) that there are no real consequences for stabbing the party leadership in the back. Several of these members come from districts that are so Republican that removal of the party's backing would cost them their political career. The quick removal of Kent Williams from official party ranks would send a message that failing to stand with leadership on votes for officers of the body will mean paying a very steep price.

Regardless of what the final decision is on Kent Williams' Republican status, there is one thing that I will do for Williams-I will pray for him. I believe that there is hope for every soul, even someone who has done something so cold as to betray his leaders and the party which brought him to the House with its label and support. Representative Williams says that he needs no sermons. I doubt that I am the only one who think he needs a reminder of the Commandment concerning the bearing of false witness.

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