Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Vice President-to-Be

To say that Sarah Palin impresses me would be a major understatement. The party opposite flirts with the women's vote, but all they can offer women is abortion on demand and phony platitudes about feminism.

Then there are real women...

Sarah Palin is one of these, and that is exactly why she was chosen to be our next Vice President. She is, like many other women in America, a wife and a mother, and she has a family of five wonderful children. Despite what certain people and disgusting tabloids may be saying, it certainly doesn't look like any of her kids have turned out all that badly.

The wife and mother wasn't content with running the PTA, she wanted to make a real difference and she ran for City Council-and she won. Then she ran for Mayor, and she won that office too. She ran for Lieutenant Governor and lost, and then bounced right back and ran against a popular Republican in a primary, and she beat the man. She beat a two-term popular Democratic former Governor in the General Election, and still has managed to raise a family and have another baby.

Apparently, some folks don't think her experience makes her presidential material. She ran a State that is over half the size of the Lower 48 combined, practiced energy independence and conservation, has managed a major budget, dealt with a sometimes hostile legislature, and still managed a family life?

There are a lot of people who have been in public life for years and they haven't managed to do all of that-and those who have tried have not often been successful., but Governor Sarah Palin has.

Pay attention to this lady...just as with Mike Huckabee, I think she'll be our nominee one day. We'll have a woman President in our lifetime-here's the woman.

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At Thursday, September 04, 2008 6:51:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where was the substance? Where was the no ideas? The policies (presented in contra-distinction to Obama, of course)? There wasn't any! All she did was run on at the mouth and blast Obama. I was not impressed and have no fear about what she brings to the GOP ticket. SHe's nothing but a GOPer putz.
On other note: Do not find it the least bit curious that BOTH the DNC and GOP conventions are all about Obama?



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