Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tramps, Trash, and Thieves Do Democratic Dirty Work

Our friends on the Left, not content merely to try and discredit Sarah Palin based on accusations they cannot prove-or based on the mistakes of her teenage daughter-have now resorted to some of the lowest, cheapest, and dirtiest political tactics ever devised.

The Alaska Democratic Party says that it did not release Governor Palin's Social Security number-but someone who clearly has an interest in the advancement of the Democratic Party did do this. As Erick Erickson pointed out, the Democrats have resorted to this kind of tactic before. As with the last known public example of these agents of Satan prying into people's personal information, the Democrats have denied having any involvement in the affair. Of course, when a Democratic Party official's lips are moving we know that he or she is telling a lie. The last time the Democratic Party got itself into this sort of dustup and denied it, the truth came out that the scum on the bottom of humanity's shoe hitherto known as the Senior Senator from New York was in possession of the credit report of a prominent Republican candidate, and he was aware all along that that candidate's Social Security number had been illegally obtained in order to snoop on that person's credit and other personal information.

These living examples of Lucifer have absolutely no moral compass and utterly no shame. They are so desperate to discredit a decent human being in Governor Palin that they will stoop to any level to do so, no matter how ethically wrong or morally depraved-though moral depravity is not exactly at a premium among some of these people.

The saddest part of all of this is that there is no small number of folks in this country who think that the kinds of tactics that the Democrats are resorting to (and yes, Obama is brilliantly allowing for all of this to go on while making himself appear above the fray) are perfectly acceptable.

And to think that some of these Trash could be serving in an Obama administration. By their fruits, you shall know them...

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At Wednesday, September 03, 2008 12:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Social Security Numbers are noteriously easy to get. Hackers and ID theives do it all the time. All you often really need is access to your target's trash.
So prove it.
Prove the big bad scarey evil Dems are behind this. Then prove that Obama has any knowledge of their activities.
While you're at it prove that Boy George & Karl Rove had no knowledge of, and throughly condemend the "Swift Boat Veterns for Truth."
You can't.
Put the bong down - you're blowing smoke. Stupid smoke, at that.
McCain caved to the Religous Right in a craven attemp to ge their support and it's starting to blow up in his face!
The vetting was either non-existant or so throughly incompetent that any thinking person, regardless of political bent, should seriously question McCain's fitness for POTUS.
Sorry, but what you got and what you're stuck with is a "Noun, a Verb and POW" and a shallow, moose hunting grandma-to-be.
And that's all you got.



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