Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Crazies Are Splitting

Barack Obama has been to Colorado Springs this week, home to the Air Force Academy and a bastion of the social conservative movement. He went there to give a speech in which he managed to sound as Republican as I would imagine his party handlers would allow:

Democrat Barack Obama on Wednesday showcased plans to encourage volunteerism by Americans, his latest push to woo conservative voters also sought by rival John McCain.

Obama said the quiet weekend following Friday's Fourth of July celebrations
would be a good time for every person to consider how they can contribute "to
our most pressing national challenges" — whether in the military, overseas or
just next door.

Meanwhile, Obama drew unexpected attention when he said Tuesday that he
would expand federal payments to religious groups that are tackling America's
social problems — a position that could alienate some in his Democratic base who
see the move as an abrogation of America's constitutional separation of church
and state.

Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church
and State, said Obama's plan would only expand programs that he said undermined
civil rights and civil liberties.

"I am disappointed that any presidential candidate would want to
continue a failed policy of the Bush administration," he said. "It ought to be
shut down, not continued."

Obama has also staked out other positions that may appeal more to
independent and centrist voters, recently criticizing a Supreme Court decision
that struck down a state death penalty law for child rapists and supporting the
high court's reversal of a gun law ban.

Based on Barack Obama's past record, I think we can safely say that this latest push to the Right on his part is less than genuine. It is extremely comical to watch the militant Left begin to turn on Obama as he begins to say what he must say to win in November. Some of these people are such lunatics that they are threatening now to stay home in November because Obama is no longer talking like he stepped out of a weed-smoking pit at Woodstock anymore (these morons believe their agenda actually wins national elections-Bill Clinton knew it did not, which is why during his General Election campaigns he tried to run far away from his own political formation).

From Barry Lynn to some of the people on the freak end of The Daily Kos, watch the Left turn on Obama now that Obama actually tries to belatedly connect with Middle America. That is how crazy some of these people are, and it is precisely why the American people have run away from the Democratic Party in presidential elections since the turn of the century. This is the so-called "base" of the Democratic Party-so far from the mainstream that they will bolt on the best chance they've had to win in years because he dared to say G-d.

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At Thursday, July 03, 2008 8:43:00 PM, Blogger MRMacrum said...

Sounds like the lunatics on the left are following in the footsteps of the lunatics on the right.

I think it's interesting that you insinuate that somehow volunteerism is only practiced or pushed by the folks on the right side of the aisle. And that support for goverment funds to go to certain church efforts is found only on the right. Democrats go to church also. I know many who support that effort.

The candidate that wins will do it with the highest percentage of the middle and independent vote. Playing only to their party base will not do it. For either man.


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