Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wagley Got Out of Dodge

It would seem that the announced departure of Allison Wagley from Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale's unneeded Office of Neighborhoods has created quite a stir on the Knox County Commission:

Commissioner William Daniels, who wanted to eliminate the Office of Neighborhoods during the budget process earlier this month, was angry when he heard the news of her announced departure.

"She had already told some people on her staff she was leaving," Daniels said. "And for her to get up there [at the commission meeting] and tell all of Knox County she wasn't leaving, obviously, it wasn't the truth. It's a lie. That's deplorable. It don't take a priest or a preacher to figure out if you had the truth told to you."

Reading Daniels' comment prompted Van de Vate to fire back.

"It's easy to see why the voters of the Fourth Commission District rejected Mr. Daniels. He needs to check his facts. Once he has done so, if he's any kind of man at all, he will make a public apology," Van de Vate said in a written statement to 10News.

The World reported back in February of the possible affair between Wagley or a Wagley staffer and Mike Ragsdale, and the trip to Nashville that they took at the expense of the people of Knox County. With the chickens beginning to come home to roost on Mike Ragsdale, is it any wonder that Mrs. Wagley got out of Dodge?



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