Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Charlie Black Stupidity

Just when it looks like the John McCain campaign might get some real momentum going because of Barack Obama's problems, McCain aide Charlie Black admits the obvious at the most inopportune time:

In an interview with Fortune, Black said that a terrorist attack would be a
“big advantage” to McCain, a comment the all-but-certain GOP candidate
immediately distanced himself from.

But for what it's worth, there's been chatter among some Democrats that the
big fear Obama aides have is just what Black spoke about -- some sort of
national security crisis popping up in October.

What Black said is invariably true-a national security crisis would almost certainly benefit John McCain, as such events do tend to be politically beneficial to Republicans. The GOP is generally seen by the electorate as tougher and more seasoned on national security.

There is a way to point out that reality, however, without sounding like you hope there is a terrorist attack.

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