Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't Count Your Chickens, Clintons Can Play Dirty

Hillary Clinton went to church in Grafton, West Virginia yesterday, and held a "Mother's Day celebration" there in which she read an interesting letter:

“Happy Mother’s Day,” the woman wrote to Clinton. “Hopefully I’ll be wishing you one next year as president. You have already succeeded at the world’s hardest job, being a mother. The second hardest job should be a breeze for you.”

It has been pointed out in these pages for the last several weeks that Barack Obama has tremendous liabilities to overcome if he is to win the General Election. Chief among these is that he is pitifully lacking in support among working-class white voters and, as has already been discussed here in detail, he cannot win without the support of that critical voting bloc. It is because of this lack of support among blue collar whites that I believe Democratic presumptions of victory are not only premature, but may well be proven flat out wrong in November.

Barack Obama's supporters have an initial presumption they must overcome, however. The press and the Obama camp are making the mistake of declaring that the nomination is theirs, and this should not be done until the Chairman of the Democratic National Convention declares that Obama has the votes from the floor, no matter what the delegate count happens to be. If there is one thing-perhaps the only thing-that hard-core Obama supporters have in common with true conservatives it is that the Barack backers have come to understand the great truth that conservatives have known for years: Bill and Hillary Clinton are thoroughly wicked people who will say and do anything they need to in order to achieve their objectives. Principles mean nothing to the Clintons, as they have none of them whatsoever. The former President is, with all due respect, a philandering criminal scumbag whose raw political skill is unmatched in modern history. He is such a mastermind that those of us who despise everything that he is or that he stands for stand in total awe at his ability to escape justice as well as the political consequences of wrongdoing.

Bill Clinton's wife, far from being Mrs. Independent, has learned everything she knows about the inner workings of Democratic politics from her husband. Barack Obama and his campaign have learned during the course of this primary season just how low the Clintons can indeed go. Knowing this, you would think that Obama's camp would also know that they should never assume that the Clintons have no dirty tricks remaining with which they might wrest the nomination from Barack Obama's grasp.

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At Monday, May 12, 2008 6:51:00 PM, Blogger groetzinger said...

I'm confused is that Bush you are talking about?Ithink you got Bush and Cheney mixed up With Bill and Hillary.


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