Monday, March 17, 2008

And who told you so...?

Certain of our Democratic friends are shocked-shocked, I say, to learn that playing politics with race, ethnicity, and gender will lead to infighting and even racist rhetoric. From my good friend Sharon Cobb:

Shouldn't we [liberals] be dancing in the streets singing "We Shall Overcome" alternated with "I Am Woman?" That's what we sang in the 60s and 70s, respectively.

This is not the way I thought it would be.

Isn't this the payoff for the tear gassing we got during civil rights marches, sit-ins and for having the courage to practice civil disobedience? Isn't this what we believed could happen and now that it has happened, what are we doing? We're tearing each other apart.
The problem is that our friends on the hard Left did more than advocate for mere equality under the law, they have spent the last 50 years busying themselves with making political issues out of race, gender, and ethnicity. What's more, they have continued to make political issues of those things long after the campaign for equal rights for all in this country had reached its zenith and achieved its primary goal of equality written into the law and equality before the law for all Americans regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity.

Some folks on the Left live under the illusion that government can do more than extend the protection of the Constitution to its people. Somehow, government is supposed to regulate the human heart. Sit-ins, marches, and civil disobedience can (and did) change the law for the better to insure legal equality. However, none of those things can erase people's personal prejudices and it is not the government's place to try and do so. Government can only insure legal equality, but it can't make the people embrace in their hearts what they do not wish to accept.

Conservatives with conscience have understood this reality for years. Some of us have warned the party opposite that continuing to play politics with race, ethnicity, and gender and turning races and ethnic groups into political interest groups will cause strife within their party and the country (which is far worse). Rather than promote equality, healing, and a spirit of tolerance and acceptance, conservatives warned that politicizing race and gender would bring out the worst in people, not the best-remember the politicizing of race was practiced first among whites, and largely in the South!

The Democratic Party has hyphenated America into a million little subgroups, and now our friends wonder why all of their "work" is backfiring. The work of those who fought for real equality over the years is not truly achieved until all of us, black, white, Hispanic, male, and female, can see ourselves as every one an American first.

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