Thursday, January 31, 2008

A victory for life

The Tennessee State Senate yesterday voted 23-9 to adopt a Constitutional Amendment that states explicitly that nothing in the Tennessee Constitution should be construed to imply that there is a constitutional right to abortion in this State.

Were the amendment to pass, it would allow the Legislature to do what so many other States have done if they and the people of this State so choose-place limits on the barbaric practice of unrestricted abortion on demand.

Thank you former Lt. Governor John Wilder, and fellow Senators Lowe Finney, Doug Henry, Doug Jackson, Tommy Kilby, and Charlotte Burks. These Democrats stood up and said that the protection of unborn life should be a bipartisan issue. If Democrats in the House care as much as many of them say they do, I urge them to follow the lead of these six of their Senate comrades.

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