Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Credibility and the Left

The reaction of some on the Left to the arrest of State Rep. Rob Briley is quite laughable. The Guerilla Woman says:

"I've always viewed him as one of the most respectable and credible of our state lawmakers (and he probably still is). I've stood outside the polls and held signs with the Nashville Democrat. I am stunned."

Having observed Briley in action, credible is hardly a word I would use to describe the man. Words like "snotty," "hateful," "prudish," and "arrogant" come to mind when thinking of him. On the House floor, Briley looks as though he is off in outer space somewhere. Often, Jimmy Naifeh will call on him out of the blue, and you can tell when this occurs because he has that beady lost look in his eyes. Naifeh and the Democratic Leadership like to use Briley as their attack dog. When they can't win a real debate, they bring in Rob Briley to try and shut the opposition up by accusing them of trying to "score cheap political points." His desire to personally attack his opponents-even on the House floor-has not known any bounds up to this point.

There are plenty of Democrats at the Capitol who are very credible, not to mention that they are upstanding people (whether I agree with their politics or not). Mike Turner is a credible leader and a decent human being, as is George Fraley-and he is also a very nice person. Frank Buck is an individual who strikes me as being primarily interested in his constituents. Stratton Bone, though I don't often agree with the way he runs the House Agriculture Committee, is courteous and kind to people and treats the opposition with dignity and respect. Gary Moore is intelligent, insightful, seems to love a good joke (and is rather fond of mattresses), and will break bread and drink a few beers with the other side.

While their politics are not generally to my liking, these people are decent folks and if I am looking for credible leaders and I were a Democrat, I'd like to think I would hold those people up as examples of credibility. Hence the difference between certain liberals and conservatives: Some on the Left are "shocked" that a person like Briley, who seems to make it his business to snub his nose at his colleagues and behave like a complete horse's arse, would conduct himself in the manner in which he has. Rather than hold him accountable for his actions, they instead make excuses for him and groan that at least he is not a Republican. Then liberals proceed to harp on the Republicans for demanding accountability and not joining them in excuse-making. When conservative leaders do things that are really wrong, conservatives call for their head. The other side just makes excuses-unless the guilty party is a Republican.



At Wednesday, September 12, 2007 9:36:00 AM, Blogger the rep said...

On all counts you are about dead on.

At Wednesday, September 12, 2007 12:31:00 PM, Blogger Fabian's straight talk said...

Yep I concur with the rep!! (I made a funny)

At Wednesday, September 12, 2007 5:31:00 PM, Blogger A. Renee Daley said...

Oh the hypocrisies.

At Wednesday, September 12, 2007 8:32:00 PM, Anonymous Christian said...

Here is the 16 minute dash cam video:

At Wednesday, September 12, 2007 10:11:00 PM, Blogger Sharon Cobb said...

I am not defending Briley, or anyone else who drives drunk. Drunk drivers are equal opportunity killers.

Maybe he is a jerk or maybe he's not. But clearly, he's sick.

For those of faith, he does need our prayers. He's clearly mentally ill, and watching that tape is disturbing.

Officers were called to his office twice this year, and one time medical personal carted him off to Centennial Medical Center.

Again, I'm not making excuses for him, but let's not revel in someone having a nervous breakdown.

At Thursday, September 13, 2007 10:54:00 AM, Blogger Matt Daley said...

That may be true. I'm certainly in no position to dispute it.

Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit to being somewhat jaded towards that sort of defense. From a legal standpoint, it's so often used (sometimes with merit, sometimes not) to avoid punishment under the law that it's not always believable on the surface.

If this man has a drinking problem and/or any type of mental illness, I'm all for him getting every bit of help he needs. Everyone deserves that.

However, I will also say that (like U.S. Senator Larry Craig) he should resolve these problems while not serving public office. He cannot possibly serve his constituency effectively while also trying to get the help required to solve his problems.

Public officials simply MUST step down in situations like this.

And, as with Senator Craig, Rep. Briley should face whatever punishment is warranted under the law for his actions. Part of getting the help he needs is the recognition that actions bring consequences and that one must live with those consequences.


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