Monday, August 20, 2007

The new segregation by choice

Over at Volunteer Voters, Mack has an interesting response to my post of last Friday describing the bizarre situation about a first-responder call, aid that was never given, and the non-English speaker who was apparently at the heart of the whole unfortunate situation. He commented:

Well, I agree that illegal immigration should be curtailed. So lets change the tone of the debate, find some ways to account for who is here, and then allow as many immigrants to come as we need. Trust me, by the second generation, they know English, probably better than most of those who reside in White Pine.

Mack seems to make the assumption that all of the illegal aliens coming here intend to stay here and Americanize themselves. If Americanization is the goal, why not come here legally in the first place?

Beyond that, however, is the larger notion that the illegals presently coming here intend for there to be a second generation in America as we know it. As we have learned, there are plenty of illegal aliens who have no respect at all for the sovereignty of the United States or their borders. Those who might have that respect are egged on by those who do not.

I have observed many immigrants, including people of Latin American descent, who clearly love America, they love what we are about and want to be a part of it. They learn English, they teach their children about America and American history in addition to their own cultural heritage. I even know of several instances of Hispanic people and other immigrants here in East Tennessee who made sure to go through the legal process of entering properly. I know of one personally who served his country in World War II and was a Prisoner of War, denied the accolades of his country for many years because of his Hispanic origins-now that is a patriot in every sense of the word.

I have also observed many others who are making no effort to be integrated into the local community or into American society. I have personally witnessed efforts to be inclusive and to assimilate be balked at by those who were on the receiving end of those efforts, as if they had no desire to be included, to have "Anglo" friends, or to be integrated into society at-large. I have found with increasing frequency that this group has become more and more numerous. If this continues, there will be no English-speaking second generation. We will be a segregated people by the aliens' choice.

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