Monday, March 26, 2007

Running off to Nashville

This morning I leave for Nashville to attend Bloggers' Day on the Hill, which among other things will include this evening's House session. In advance of leaving I want to thank Frank Niceley, my Representative, for making it possible for me to be there for these events over the next few days, and Stacey Campfield for all of his help and assistance-I can't thank either of you enough.

None of this would have happened were it not for the co-operation, commitment, and foresight of House Minority Leader Jason Mumpower. I know that in the wake of the Leadership vote, Mumpower and I certainly had our differences which were aired on this very weblog. Mumpower has taken a step forward, and for him I think this is a leap of faith of sorts-so I am asking fellow bloggers to conduct yourselves with the distinction that I know we all believe the Capitol deserves.

If I can find a place and opportunity today, I will write a brief note on events.



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