Friday, March 30, 2007

A Nashville ancillary

A few ancillary notes from my time in Nashville: After the Republican Caucus dinner at Logan's I joined Frank Niceley, Judd Matheny, Gary Moore, Chris Crider, Jim Peach, Kara Watkins (and I know I am forgetting people again) for beer at The Gerst Haus. Not only was the beer as good as Frank had said, but it was great to see quality bipartisan conversation and friendship take place out of the reach of certain people on the Hill.

On Tuesday I was in the lobby of Frank and Stacey's office and took a call from my wife, wherin I explained the proceedings in Ag that morning, and also bemoaned the departure of Frank from the Ag Committee at the behest of the Farm Bureau and Naifeh. I also directed some not nice words toward the Governor in the conversation in regards to a tax swap. I was later told that a member of the Governor's staff was lurking around within earshot-interesting.

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