Monday, February 26, 2007

One-on-one with Campfield

I have never tried to hide from the fact that I consider State Representative Stacey Campfield a good friend. His admirable qualities as a human being are many to be found. He is known among those of us who know him to be a person who will stick his own neck out in defense of those he considers confidantes or friends.

As a legislator, his openness, honestly, and willingness to stand up for what he believes is right no matter the political cost has won him both friends and enemies, and those on both sides of the aisle. Two of his latest bills, one that would replace Tennessee's tax on groceries with a tax on offline pornographic material, and one that would issue death certificates for aborted babies, have generated tremendous controversy and debate.

When Stacey introduced the latter piece of legislation, many people said that he was grandstanding. Campfield maintains, for his own part, that he thought the legislation might raise some eyebrows and even provoke serious debate (especially in the blogosphere), he never for a second believed that his bill to provide death certificates for the unborn would generate the kind of worldwide attention that it has received. Not only has Campfield been on CNN to discuss his bill (he was also mentioned on yesterday's Rush Limbaugh Program), but he has received media inquiries and requests for interviews from all over the world-from Canada and Great Britain to Australia and New Zealand. He also says that he has received thousands of e-mails on the abortion bill alone, both pro and con. The favorable messages say what one might expect, the opposition messages range from the strongly opposed to the hateful and vulgar.

He has been overwhelmed, and yet he was still willing to take the time to sit down for an hour-long one on one with me this morning for a lowly internet podcast. That, folks, is a real representative of the people-establishment politicians ought to take notes.

Oatney On the Air-February 26, 2007

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At Tuesday, February 27, 2007 9:18:00 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Great show, Dave. Really enjoyed it.


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