Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Continuing to expose the hidden holocaust

Many are simply saying he is grandstanding. "This bill has no chance of passage," they say. "This is all a publicity stunt" say his detractors.

It may indeed be an exercise in publicity, but I have the advantage of actually knowing State Representative Stacey Campfield, and I know how close the issue of aborticide is to his heart. Campfield's proposal may generate publicity, but it is something that comes straight from the man's soul.

Elected representatives are supposed to serve their districts and the people of the State, that is true enough. However, elected office can and should also be used as a bully pulpit to bring the light to issues that don't get the attention they deserve. Our friends on the left are quite fond of doing this, but when someone on the right does it, they are grandstanding or pulling a publicity stunt. While Campfield's proposal to issue death certificates for unborn victims of aborticide may not pass, it brings attention to the continuing hidden holocaust on unfettered legal aborticide. It is also a plausible proposal, since death certificates are issued for stillborn babies-there is no good reason why a death certificate should not be issued for an aborticide victim.

There are three real reasons why this proposal will not pass. The first is that Republicans, even those that are solidly pro-life, are uncomfortable confronting the entire issue. Some are afraid that the Tennessee Supreme Court, with its traditionally much-more-liberal-than-the-State bent, will strike any aborticide legislation down. Others are of a more liberal hue and fear offending moderates, so they will not attach themselves to aborticide restrictions. The second reason is the obvious one: The Democratic majority will block the bill in the House. Tennessee House Republicans are generally quite conservative and most are sympathetic to the pro-life cause. We are also fortunate to have a number of pro-life Democrats in both Houses of the General Assembly in this State. The Democratic Party as an entity, however, is still beholden to the forces of the militant Left for the money trough in many cases. They will not bite the hand that feeds them.

The third reason that Stacey's proposal will not pass, however, is because of the effect that it would actually have. If death certificates are issued for aborticide victims, it will give us actual statistics-raw numbers-on the number of aborticides performed in Tennessee. Knowing those numbers and having the ability to see just how pervasive aborticide is will turn the tide against this murder. People will demand restrictions on the whole practice-perhaps even a State Constitutional amendment-and it could cost Democrats in Tennessee seats if the Party continues to support it, especially when poll after poll indicates that a majority of Tennesseans are already sympathetic to the pro-life position.

Campfield's bill may not pass, but he was right to introduce it if for no other reason than the light needs to continue to shine on the evils of aborticide. He is using the bully pulpit very effectively indeed.

NOTE: Some will be angry that I used the word "aborticide." Get over it. An abortion is technically the natural process of a miscarriage in which the baby dies naturally. Aborticide is what happens in these slaughter mills-murder of a child by inducing or performing an artificial abortion-literally murder by abortion.

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