Monday, January 22, 2007

We will defeat the Culture of Death

Today marks the anniversary of one of the most henous decisions by the United States Supreme Court in the last century. Roe v. Wade was not merely a bad decision because it legalized aborticide, but in one fell swoop it destroyed in law the notion that the States had the right to make a legal determination for themselves about anything not written in the federal Constitution.

The Constitution does not mention anything about abortion-rightly so, since it is fair to say that the Framers would have never dreamed of including anything so rediculous in the Constitution to begin with. The Constitution's lack of mention of the issue of aborticide is often cited by the so-called "pro-choice" faction or lobby as an argument in favor of their position. Because it is not mentioned, they say, there exists some argument for it within the 14th Amendment. Indeed, Justice Harry Blackmun made the argument in Roe that the right to have an abortion is somehow to be found in the 14th Amendment-even though that Amendment was designed to guarantee equal protection under the law, when written it had nothing to do with abortion. To legalize abortion nationwide in the way that Blackmun did in Roe, he had to create law out of thin air-law that previously did not exist. Prior to Roe, the issue of whether abortion should be legal was left entirely up to the States. Some States legalized the practice, others restricted it, while others outlawed it entirely. All States acted within their full constitutional purview in doing what they thought best. Note that the Constitution also does not mention murder, but States have no less of a right and a duty to outlaw and punish murder.

The legal arguments against (and for that matter, in favor of) Roe are well-known. The moral arguments are what the other side does not like to hear. I have no doubt that for every militant baby killer (and yes, these exist-I've been on the March for Life in Washington and I have seen the utterly rediculous behavior of the counter-protestors-signs such as "Bring Back the Lions" and "Abort the Christians, " along with people flaunting that they supposedly had an abortion, are not uncommon), there are five people in the so-called "pro-choice" movement that are well-meaning and believe that they are acting with right purpose.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The arguments of the Left in favor of what they call justice for the poor and for equality for all people ring very hollow when many of these same people do not have a place at the table for the most defenseless among us-the unborn. The little unborn child cannot fight to protect its own life, it is at the mercy of its mother. We live in a culture of death where our convenience trumps the rights of others, even unto the point of taking human life. The other side likes to point to rape or incest as excuses to keep all abortion legal, this in spite of the fact that rape or incest make up but a small fraction of all abortions in this country. Most of the time, abortion is used merely as a form of birth control. This is alright to many people-it is all just a matter of choice.

To justify that choice the other side tries to say that unborn life is not life at all. I was born nearly three months premature. Using the logic of the other side, my mother had the right to have me killed right up to the second my head popped out-indeed, if I had not been born prematurely, many of these same people would argue that my mother had the right to have me killed anyway. My mother was in a very abusive relationship at the time, so using that logic, she certainly had the right to have me killed.

Thankfully, she did not have me killed, but she also did not have the right-God did not give her that right.

The political movement of death and the Culture of Death that it has brought about will be destroyed, not one stone of it shall be left upon another. It will not be brought to an end because of political manuvering in and of itself. It shall be destroyed because the things which it represents are evil, and I do believe that in the end good will triumph over evil and right will defeat wrong and deceit.



At Monday, January 22, 2007 9:33:00 AM, Blogger DigiHairshirt said...

What is so ridiculous about Roe v. Wade is the inanity of the justices determining the "viability" of a child judicially. What the . . .?!


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