Friday, January 19, 2007

Attention Knox County: Bend your knee to the will of the Great Leader!

Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore is being accused by Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale of "backpedaling" on his support for Ragsdale's dictatorial designs on Knox County Government since Moore seems to have changed his tune on Ragsdale's notion of how the term-limited Commissioners should be replaced. Commissioner John Schmid (a Ragsdale lackey) has accused Moore of "falling under the influence" of Sheriff Tim Hutchison.

Let us be clear what this is about: Ragsdale hates Hutchison because he knows that Hutchison is accutely aware, possibly more than anyone else, of just how much of a crook Mike Ragsdale is. "Falling under the influence" of Hutchison" may mean that Hutchison has talked to Moore or other Commissioners about the evidence against Ragsdale in the Harber Affair, which he has been investigating for a very long time. Without giving too many details (and thus compromising the investigation), Hutchison may have tried to explain how serious the situation is. Fortunately for Ragsdale, Knox County D.A. Randy Nichols is a weakling who acts primarily as a lapdog for Ragsdale in this sort of situation.

With Hutchison's departure, Ragsdale is hoping to get out from under the microscope of the Harber Affair-he is hoping that it will go away. Those who are "under the influence of Huchison" are simply those who refuse to do Mike Ragsdale's bidding about appointing Commissioners or anything else. It is the latest punchline of the pro-Ragsdale crowd for those who refuse to bend to the will of the Great Leader.

Mike Ragsdale's Anthem for Knox County

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At Friday, January 19, 2007 10:31:00 PM, Anonymous J. Jackson said...

I am not an attorney but I happen to know a few things about the law. The oneous actually lies with the Sheriff, if he has the evidence to secure an indictment, he should move for one. He has not done so, which leads me to believe this is more pomp than anything.

Secondly, I think Mike Ragsdale is a fine man who has moved Knox County forward. In my mind the charges you (and other political detractors) level against him are unsubstantiated.

I have also heard a number of unsubstantiated rumors about the Sheriff. I think he is also a fine man and I will not repeat that gossip.

I just hope for the improvement of our county and our area of the state, we can put petty bickerings aside and work together.

At Saturday, January 20, 2007 2:18:00 PM, Blogger Dave Oatney said...

J. Jackson;
Hutchison has presented a large part of his evidence to the D.A....believe me, based on what I have heard, the evidence is is the D.A. who refuses to move, and the Sheriff can't really make him legally.


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