Friday, December 29, 2006

Give us a fighting Mumpower

In today's radio podcast, I discuss in great detail Tennessee House Republican Leader Jason Mumpower's seeming fear of the blogosphere and what he can do to win the Tennessee blogosphere (on the right) over after a bitter leadership fight in which most conservative Tennessee bloggers supported his opponent.

I can't speak for other bloggers, but contrary to Kleinheider's assertion, I am not bought with lunch or coffee. I think those are lovely gestures and I will certainly accept them if offered, but it takes more than my favorite espresso or steak house to convince me of someone or something, I need to both hear and see someone willing to "fight the power."

I am willing to hear Mumpower out, and I am sure other bloggers are too, if he is open to talking to us (and I mean really talking-answer the hard questions, no fluff). I am willing to be convinced if Mumpower is willing to convince me, and he doesn't even have to buy me coffee to do it.

I also discuss the college bowl situation and Rutgers' surprise (to me, anyway) defeat of Kansas State in the Texas Bowl last night.

Oatney On the Air-December 29, 2006

(NOTE: I apologize for the call/break in mid-show. By next week I will have a new voicemail system installed that should remedy this problem.)



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