Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Can Corker convince Oatney?

The Hon. Vance Cheek Jr. rightly said of me in a comment over at Rob Huddleston's place (in regards to Bob Corker):

Bob needs to mend some serious fences up here. Our friend and one great guy, Dave Oatney, is a man of conviction and has to be convinced.

It is very true. I have spoken out against Bob Corker, but not merely because I supported Ed Bryant. I have spoken so strongly against Bob Corker because I believe his "conservative principles, positive results" campaign is the biggest display of political cross-dressing since Bill Clinton. All we have to go by is Bob Corker's record. Corker talked about what a great mayor he was, but the United States Senate is not a Council meeting in Chattanooga. His record on issues that he will wrestle with as a Senator from Tennessee is either bad or nonexistent.

I recognize that our government must have newcomers from time to time to keep things as honest as they can be in Washington, and Mr. Corker will certainly be new to the Senate. However, even those new to the political arena can usually be pinned down in such a way that we know where they stand. We cannot do this with Mr. Corker.

Bob Corker tells us that he is pro-life, yet in 1994 he said he didn't think government had any business protecting the life of the unborn. His story about when his conversion of heart came about, and how it occured was constantly changing during the Primary campaign.

Bob Corker does have a record as a tax hiker. He tried to campaign on the notion that he was a tax cutter by saying that Chattanooga had the lowest property tax rates since the 1950's. That part of the story is true, but what his campaign does not say is that while the tax rates went down, the taxes went up.

Can Bob Corker convince me that he's changed? Well, I am not willing to write anyone off and I know people can change, but when I say "change" I don't mean convenient election year change, I mean reform and renewal of mind and heart backed by action as well as words. For Bob Corker to convince me that I should support him, that is the kind of change he must demonstrate to David Oatney. Yes, Bob Corker has quite a way to go before I can be convinced.


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