Sunday, July 09, 2006

Corker contradictions exposed

More proof today that The Tennessean is a superior newspaper. A front page story exposing the conflict over Bob Corker's so-called "conversion" on the pro-life issue.

State Rep. Bill Dunn
, a pro-life Catholic from Knoxville, recounts Corker's reaction when presented with a 1995 amendment to the State budget blocking State funding for abortion.

"I remember he being mad and thinking I was playing politics with it,"

Corker's opposition surprised Dunn because he figured Sundquist would support such a measure just as he had on the federal level when he was in Congress, said Dunn, a Republican from Knoxville.

Corker's recollection is different.

"I told him I agreed very much with what he wanted to do, but I knew no way the amendment would pass at the 11th hour," Corker said. He suggested to Dunn that he try again the next year.

Bill Dunn is an honest man and I believe Dunn is telling the truth. Dunn is presently the Republican leader in the House. He is also supporting Ed Bryant.

Yet note that this sort of in-depth discussion of Corker's contradictory record is nowhere to be found in the Knoxville News-Sentinel.


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