Friday, April 29, 2005

Press conference

The President had a prime time press conference last night, something that is significant because this President rarely has them. The primary purpose of the sudden call was to address the issue of Social Security reform, the Sacred Cow that threatens to make George W. Bush an extremely unpopular leader overnight.

One thing that people have to give Bush credit for is that he is willing to deal with the issue of Social Security when previous Chief Executives and members of Congress were afraid to touch it for fear of what it would do to their political future or their historical legacy. The President has even said that he wants to establish an income-based system of Social Security distribution. In other words, the less money you make when you work, the more Social Security you will receive, whereas if you make more money, the government presumes that you can better afford to save for retirement and you will receive less.

What is the Democrats' reaction to this? Well, that party has cried for an income-based distribution of Social Security for years. Now that the Republicans have agreed to such a thing, the Democrats are crying that the GOP wants to rob "some Americans" of their Social Security. The Democrats remain the party of political opportunism.


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