Thursday, June 23, 2011

Costs Mysteriously Increase With Federal Funds

Does the University of Tennessee really need to increase tuition?:

We often hear people talk about the rising cost of education and say that there is no choice to to engage in these kinds of tuition hikes since the cost of delivery of the educational product has increased so dramatically over the years. However, it has always been more than a bit curious that both tuition and salaries at public universities (and indeed, at most private ones who accept public money) have skyrocketed as the infusion of massive amounts of federal monies in the form Pell Grants, federally-backed student loans, and other federal cash has made its way into the higher education system. Rather than use the funds as they were intended-to keep the cost of education down and make it affordable for the average family-most public universities, including the University of Tennessee, have raised tuition steadily at the same time the federal dollars that were pumped into higher education have increased over the years, according to Dr. Richard K. Vedder of the Independent Institute.

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