Wednesday, July 21, 2010

School Is In Session

Jefferson County will finally have our new school construction-now we have to pay for it:

Those who are concerned about the long-term debt that will now be incurred by the county do have a point, however. It is all well and fine to say, as many citizens have done, that they favor the bond issue and the tax increases that will inevitably result because new school construction and old school renovation are urgent needs in our county education system (and those who say this are absolutely right). Statistics indicate that Jefferson County's population is aging, though, and that in 20 years there will be even more people in the county on fixed incomes. Further, many younger families will struggle since property taxes and insurance are often tied to mortgages, and the increased cost could discourage home and property ownership in the future.

The only way to give our students and teachers those resources in the future is to either raise local taxes in perpetuity (something that is both undesirable and impractical, as well as tyrannical), or actively work together to encourage the planned and responsible development that we need to bring more tax-paying businesses and citizens to Jefferson County. The latter is by far the more preferable option.

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