Friday, July 10, 2009

The Stupid Party

The twelve Tennessee State Representatives who voted against the final version of the State budget were accused of not wanting to find needed programs. Former House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh even made that accusation from the floor, insinuating that the Mighty 12 were meanies who didn't want to fund anything, but did want the political benefits of signing on to the enabling legislation of programs designed to help schoolchildren or returning wounded war veterans.

There isn't a Representative in the Legislature in either party who wouldn't be proud to help wounded veterans, or give Tennessee kids the best education we can, or fund any of the other necessary programs and projects that make this State a great place to live. However, initiatives should be funded in a way that is responsible and honest about the spending capabilities of the State in the current crisis.

The Republican budget proposal, as well as those who proposed it, were called "stupid" by the Governor because that proposal assumed that revenues would be far less than what the Governor's staff was projecting:

State revenue in June was $134.8 million less than budgeted. State officials said $1.088 billion was collected. The drop marked the 11th consecutive one in the current fiscal year.

Year-to-date collections for 11 months were $1.146 billion less than the budgeted estimate. Finance and Administration Commissioner Dave Goetz said the state is positioned to adjust to the economic downturn.

I would humbly suggest that if the Governor is really attempting to ascertain who the stupid party might be, he should begin by looking in the mirror.

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At Friday, July 10, 2009 4:23:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember how during the 2008 campaign a lot of people suggested that Obama could prove to be an excellent role model for African-American men who have often been deemed less than responsible as husbands and fathers? Wouldn't it be great if white Evangelical Republican men could come up with a role model like that too?

At Saturday, July 11, 2009 6:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just to remind you how fucking stupid you can be at times:

Just so we are clear, President Obama is acceptable enough to have a personal audience with the Pope, the successor to Peter, the Bishop of Rome, and the worldwide leader of the Catholic Church. He is not, if you remember, good enough for the Republican Religious Right, who decided he should not be allowed to visit Notre Dame and pitched another one of their epic hissy fits.

Religion is just another tool for them to attain and hold power, and you’re a fool if you think otherwise. Why we have to pretend there are serious moral issues when these people talk about anything is a mystery to me. It isn’t about morality, beliefs, God, right and wrong, or any of that. It is about power.


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