Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jefferson County Republicans Lose a Good One

It is with no small measure of sadness that Jefferson County Republicans mourn the loss of one of our own. Gladys Price Forgety passed away January 4th-her recieving of friends and funeral was this evening. Ms. Forgety was very active in the Jefferson County Republican Party, in her church, Trentville United Methodist, and she loved to meet and make connections with all kinds of people.

Ms. Forgety was so active in Republicanism that Jefferson County Republican Chairman Hobart Rice and State Senator-elect Mike Faulk were among those to be found at her receiving. My guess would be that others were there also that I didn't know about. See, I didn't know that Ms. Forgety had passed until Nicole told me this evening. She didn't know until her mother called her shortly before she left work, and she just had time to make sure she got there to pay respects for the both of us. I was very sorry that our short notice made it impossible for me to join Nicole.

Nicole came to know Ms. Forgety because she is the mother of one of her Jefferson County High School Teachers, Ms. Linda Phipps. Nicole was involved in INTERACT in high school, and students from INTERACT used to help serve the Jefferson County Lincoln Day Dinner. When I think of the reality that Republicans now have a majority in this State, this is a tribute to the quiet work of people like Ms. Forgety, who was a fixture in local party affairs almost up to the day she died.

Jefferson County Republicans-and so many in the community-feel a void at her passing.

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