Friday, December 05, 2008

Vance Cheek for Tennessee State Treasurer

The hour is coming soon when the new Republican Tennessee General Assembly will choose who will serve in the offices of Secretary of State, Treasurer, and Comptroller. This is yet another case where the rubber will meet the road.

In the case of the Treasurer's race, it is between a New Yorker and a Tennessean. Both have a finance background, but one has cut his teeth in George Pataki's office, and the other comes from a respected East Tennessee banking family-his Daddy served on the Board of Directors of State of Franklin Bank. He has served as the Mayor of Johnson City, and on the Johnson City Commission. Two years ago, he ran for Congress. He has a wife and a beautiful little girl who also live here, among us, in Tennessee.

He has overseen city budgets, he has been a successful Tennessee attorney, representing many clients from Tennessee. He has also worked in the State Treasurer's Office before-that is the Treasurer's Office of the State of Tennessee. I even spoke with him via phone a couple of weeks ago, he called from a Tennessee number.

The most important quality about the candidate for Tennessee State Treasurer who is from Tennessee isn't even that he is a Tennessean, it is that the Tennessean is the conservative candidate (which shouldn't surprise anyone).

I am extremely proud to endorse my friend and fellow conservative Vance W. Cheek Jr. for Tennessee State Treasurer. Vance has always been a champion of protecting our interests, and I can't think of anyone in Tennessee-or New York City (New York City!)-who will manage our money with the care that is needed after the previous General Assembly and their allies in the Governor's office wrecked the budget with their irresponsible fiscal policies.

We now have an income-tax supporting Naifeh voter as the number-two man in the House, so let us not show that we are moving down the path of tax-and-spend that the previous General Assemblies have done. At least put the Treasurer's Office in the hands of someone who really cares about Tennessee and Tennesseans.

Please call your State Representative and Senator-those from all parties-and ask them for their vote and support for Vance W. Cheek Jr. for State Treasurer.

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