Monday, December 22, 2008

Phil Needs Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing

From The Tennessean comes word from the Governor that he wants the General Assembly to appoint a State Treasurer who "knows what they're doing:"

"My only concern is that there could not be a worse time in recent history to
put someone who doesn't know what they're doing, particularly in one of these
two financial jobs, comptroller and treasurer," he said. "Please give me some
people who know what they're doing here."

The Governor wants someone who knows what they are doing. Does this mean that he wants a new Treasurer who is more intelligent than he is? Perhaps the Governor would prefer someone who is intellectually stable enough to tell him "Governor, quite frankly, sir, you are full of excrement" for proposing that it was financially sound to enact a Statewide smoking ban while also levying an increase in the tobacco tax to fund education and other State programs.

It could be that the Honorable Phil Governor wants someone who will not propose handing hundreds of thousands of State dollars to every legislator in the General Assembly to hand out like candy, primarily as a way to spend the State's $1.2 billion surplus, which thanks to the august management of the Honorable Phil Governor is-according to his projection-now a billion dollar shortfall.

The Governor also must mean that he wants a Treasurer who will tell him not to spend millions of dollars in State money on a party bunker during a mild economic Depression.

Yes, the Governor can be assured that we will send him someone who knows what they are doing.



At Monday, December 22, 2008 3:44:00 PM, Blogger Kay Brooks said...

Thank YOU! If the guy who got us $1 BBBBBBillion behind is Bredesen's idea of qualified it's no wonder we're where we are.


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