Sunday, April 20, 2008

Only Secularists Support Rank Secularism

This past Friday evening, I happened to catch part of the PBS program Bill Moyers' Journal, specifically the part where Bill Moyers gives an editorial comment before introducing a guest. In this case, Moyers was commenting on the fact that during the pastoral visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States this week, the Pope has repeatedly warned of the dangers of secularism. In Bill Moyers' reckoning, what he views as America's secular heritage was one of the great things about the United States.

Bill Moyers' claim to be a real journalist long ago ceased to be, and his fealty and servitude to the Democratic Party has been a fact of his political life (He was Press Secretary to Lyndon Johnson), so the notion that he has in his head-one that is contrary to the very history of the nation (see Holy Trinity Church v. United States-1982) -that this is a secular society or that it was meant to be such, has now become the doctrinaire view both of the Left in this country, and the national Democratic Party as a whole.

Secular society has brought so much good to the world, the great master artists of the last millinium were all inspired by the wisdom of secularism. The great classical composers such as Bach, Handel, Beethoven, and, and Haydn were given their great works through the power and glory of secularism. Stalin, Mao Pol Pot, and Hitler erred in not embracing secularism.

Oh, I forgot, all the great masters were Christians...and all of those terrible mass murdering dictators were rank secularists.

At the end of Bill Moyers' rant, he admitted to his audience that he is an agnostic. In saying this, Moyers managed to prove something that I have observed for many years-that the most militant proponents of public secularism in this country are infidels who lack any faith whatsoever. Their lack of faith ought not spoil the enjoyment of faith for the rest of us.

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