Monday, April 14, 2008

A "Bitter" Response to the Left Which Thinks We're Bitter

The great issue of the hour is whether the label of "elitist" will stick to Barack Obama in the wake of his comments about people in small-town America:
Political insiders differed on whether Obama's comments, which came to light Friday, would become a full-blown political disaster that could prompt party leaders to try to steer the nomination to Clinton even though Obama has more pledged delegates. Clinton supporters were eagerly hoping so.

They handed out "I'm not bitter" stickers in North Carolina, and held a conference call of Pennsylvania mayors to denounce the Illinois senator. In Indiana, Clinton did the work herself, telling plant workers in Indianapolis that Obama's comments were "elitist and out of touch."

It doesn't matter how Obama "meant" his comments, they were wholly inappropriate. The Democratic Party can't play the game of class warfare anymore, and from the tone and tenor of Obama's words, it sounds like he and the Democratic Party are the ones who are bitter.

Barack Obama's address in which he said that people in Middle America "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them," and that we "get bitter" was directed at a group of rich, well-educated San Francisco liberals. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy or well-educated, but the Democratic Party claims to be the party of the common man, the party of working people, and even the party of small-town America. This is a political party whose leaders know little about the America they are claiming to be representative of, and that shows in the attitude reflected in the comments from Obama and those in the Democratic Party who are like him. This is not a mentality that is exclusive to Obama, but it is a widespread feeling within the socio-political circles of the Left-the people who run the national Democratic Party. These folks believe that they can dish a bunch of class warfare rhetoric to those of us out in Real America, and that will be enough to get us to vote with them. When we do not do so, the elitist side of the Left shows when they accuse us of not voting our economic or social best interest.

Who died and gave these people the right to determine just what our best interests happen to be? Apparently, the almighty oligarchy of the intellectual Left has a better idea of our interests than we do. People in the Heartland can sense that the Left has a general "we're better than you" attitude about them. Barack Obama gave public voice to that reality in San Francisco. Obama will now get drubbed in Pennsylvania. If he is nominated, the Republicans will destroy him in the fall.

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At Monday, April 14, 2008 12:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my gdparents were farmers in Iowa, but one of their children stayed in the rural part s of Io as for the grand children the only ones still living in the hawkeyestate are his kids as the rets of us are either living in SF atalanta or even the UK- as me. You certainly could say I am a liberal , I would resent much the leitist, being a doctor caring everyday for patients living in a town called the A**-***E of Britain I certainly very mych resent to be call elitist. I am very proud of my grandpa and grandmas who certainly gave more love and gave more religious faith approachs to their kids, if today I am a believer it is thanks to them, they had real faith, so why loving them dont feel shock by Obama comments. Possibly because I am far from sure that the public education in rural america is that good and I am a strong beiever in education, possibly because I consider some supposed christians creaTionnists as nutballs sorry- as for the right to bear arms, I have trouble to understand why my late dad hunting rifle should be a problem , as I make a big difference between a rifle owned by a skilled hunter and a lethal colt owned either by a mentally unstable irate person or a rather clumsy person as myself. Dad rifles have never been an issue and he kept them under control, I am clumsy I dont own a rifle, possibly there is common ground between sensible persons and loosy politicians and talkshow hosts. Finally as for small town bitterness, I can see what he is pointing at and please dont jump, in Europe we have paid a dear price for overlooking the bitterness of the economical woes of 1933 germany, Obama for me exprssed all those concerns, clumsy yes but not derogatory. Sorry to be a nuisance this has nothing to do with elitism but sincere concern as before 1960, small town rural america was still getting very decent teachers- hence my aunts and family all graduating, working and paying themselves for collegue and thanks the Gi bill to finally have their own children climb up another socialladder step, I am very much afraid my younger cousins dont get it thses days

At Tuesday, April 15, 2008 4:04:00 AM, Blogger Sharon Cobb said...

Here's to hoping Hank Jr. endorses him and sings "Country Boys Can Survive" at all of his rallies in PA and Indiana. ;)


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