Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"I love to take your money"

If you are one of the legions of people in this State or around the country who have been told or who mistakenly believe that Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen is secretly a Republican, you need fear that fiction no longer. The Governor has made it clear to Tennesseans and to the world that he is a Democrat and a liberal-he publicly admitted that he takes pleasure in taking people's hard-earned money from them and "giving it back" via his pet projects.

I have always operated under the assumption that Governor Bredesen was, if nothing else, a smooth and slick political operator. The Governor has always reminded me a lot of Bill Clinton, because Clinton could persuade the masses to believe just about anything he said. After the Republicans took over Congress in 1994, Clinton told America "the era of big government is over." Prior to that, of course, he was ready to rapidly expand the size and scope of Government through "health care reform." Phil Bredesen has the ability to sound like a conservative when he needs to appeal to the mainstream electorate in this State, and sound like a liberal Democrat when he wants to get his own party fired up. Bredesen is two-faced in the most real and perhaps the most frightening sense of that term. He will betray his own party and his own base when it is expedient for him to do so, but after courting Republicans with conservative rhetoric, he will sell them out with equal or greater vigor.

Occasionally, we do get glimpses of the real Bredesen, and he gave us that at the Hermitage the other day.

I honestly can't believe that the Governor so readily admitted that he likes taking tax money. Yes, many (if not most) of our elected leaders get some pleasure out of taking our money away from us. Unlike the Governor, most of them are not stupid enough to admit this in public in such a straightforward fashion. Someone should ask the Governor if "giving it back to [us]" includes the party bunker he and his wife are building over the objections of his neighbors, the Lieutenant Governor, and ever-increasing numbers of legislators, the price of which has now ballooned to some $12 million.



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