Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best of Tennessee Politics 2007

For those who are not aware, Adam Groves has a series of polls up at Tennessee Politics asking readers to choose the Best in Tennessee Politics 2007.

My picks are-

Best Tennessee political consultant: Chip Saltsman, guru supreme of the Mike Huckabee Presidential campaign and former political advisor to Senator Bill Frist.

Best Campaign of 2007: Ron Ramsey's election by the Tennessee Senate as the first Republican Lieutenant Governor since Reconstruction. Some may ask how we can call this a campaign when the vote was held among 33 Senators-easy, Ramsey criss-crossed the State and put pressure on former turncoats, and ultimately secured a single Democratic vote (Rosalind Kurita) to insure that his elected majority would count.

Ron Ramsey is elected by the Senate as Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the Senate.

Best Political Saga of 2007: Fred Thompson for President. Whatever happens to the Thompson campaign at this point (and Fred is campaigning on the ground in Iowa this week), the Thompson effort was a home-grown Tennessee grassroots effort all the way. Begun with a few phone calls and nurtured in the Tennessee blogosphere, the idea of Thompson running came out of nowhere in March. It has consumed Tennessee conservatives since that time.

Best Political Ad of 2007: Clement Commitment. Bob Clement lost the race for Mayor of Nashville, but really put Karl Dean on the defensive with this doozy of an ad.

Whether you agree with my picks or not, cast your vote for the Best in Tennessee Politics 2007.



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