Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The debate

Fred Thompson did very well-all things considered-in yesterday's Republican Presidential debate in Dearborn, Michigan. In a huge field with little time to deal with the issues at hand, Fred largely held his own and proved that he could stand with the best of them. I've been concerned about the notable absence of the "old Fred" of late-the man whose oratory and charm used to frighten his opponents. I think we saw some flashes of that Fred Thompson on Tuesday when he stated the unpleasant reality about Social Security, that as a nation we are "spending money of future generations and those yet to be born.”

He also said that tax cuts do not hurt federal revenue because "the American people know where that revenue is, it is in their pockets."

The Fred Thompson that is unafraid to confront tough issues and deal with them head-on and in a straightforward fashion is the Fred that people want to see. We saw no great oratorical flashes on Tuesday, no magic words that put Fred at the head of the pack-but the reason was because former New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney took the opportunity to go to war with one another on the stage in a fashion somewhat resembling a couple of three-year-olds.

"I cut taxes!"

"No, I cut taxes!

"I cut spending!"

"I used the line item veto!"


"No! MINE!"


Please continue this manner of debate, gentlemen. Every time you make yourselves look like fools, you help Fred Thompson.

11:26 AM: I also noted on Today this morning they were pretending that Fred had bombed. You can't exactly bomb when your opponents are thowing eggs at one makes you look like the clean one.



At Wednesday, October 10, 2007 8:49:00 PM, Blogger A. Renee Daley said...

The mistake Thompson's adversaries are going to make is not taking him seriously, or ignoring his presence completely. It is extremely dangerous and downright idiotic to underestimate your opponent. Just ask the University of Michigan. Those in the Romney and Giuliani camps believe they have this election won. That it will be their candidate who will the take on Hillary Clinton (if she gets the nomination) in 2008. There's time left and to count Fred Thompson out is a huge misstep for both Romney and Giuliani. Thompson will continue to sharpen his message, and his delivery -- and the former Senator showed exactly that as the debate went on. Fred was more comfortable and it shows that skipping the New Hampshire debate was a wise move and the right decision, regardless of the criticism for doing so. Had Thompson participated in that debate, it would have been a nightmare, and Thompson's campaign would have been over before it even started.


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