Monday, July 23, 2007

The rights of fathers

The one thing that is often not considered when it comes to the way that courts deal with children and the rights of children are the rights, responsibilities, and important role that can and should be played by the child's father. We all know that there are many deadbeat Dads in our society today who don't want to step up and take responsibility for the children they help bring into the world. There are many more in Tennessee who are told they must pay for these children's lives and education, but they are lucky to see their child once or twice a month.

Yes, there are men out there who would be poor examples to their children if they could spend more time with them, but there are plenty of others who would be fine fathers if the courts and the law would simply give them that chance. Then there are those forgotten men who have been told that a child is theirs-in fact have been made to support these children, only to learn via DNA testing that they are not the child's father at all.

What about the rights of men? State Representative Stacey Campfield has been leading the crusade in Nashville for the rights of fathers, non-custodial parents, and men who have been made to pay support for children who are not theirs (leading to the larger question of whether kids actually see the benefits of this money-they often don't, even when the support is quite valid).

This is the same Campfield that many have accused of not listening to his constituents, but as he himself points out, the whole issue came to light in his mind when a constituent who had been wronged by the system approached him. This is an issue important enough for The Tennessean to do a two-part story, but not important enough for the Democratic House Majority in Nashville to seriously consider.

Campfield discusses the importance of Fathers' rights on today's Oatney On the Air.

Also: Legislative accomplishments of the past session. How the 2008 Presidential race could affect Republican strategy in the Tennessee General Assembly election.

Oatney On the Air-July 23, 2007

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At Monday, July 23, 2007 4:09:00 PM, Blogger Matt Daley said...


Thank you for having this type of subject matter on your show. As you know, being a father myself, fathers' rights is a very important subject to me.

Far too often, men are seen as an afterthought in the child-rearing process. Aside from providing the seed necessary to start the process of life, feminists would argue that men are completely irrelevant -- and society at large has allowed that view to expand.

Any assistance to fathers is very welcome...and please thank Mr. Campfield for me and all other fathers out there, for sticking up for us. I may not (yet) live in Tennessee, but his attention to the issue could end up having greater reach than just Tennessee.


At Tuesday, July 24, 2007 4:19:00 PM, Blogger DigiHairshirt said...

Thanks for this article, Dave, although I will want to make some observations after the thoughts have congealed, somewhat, in my head.


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