Saturday, May 19, 2007


I can certainly appreciate George Strait's song If It Wasn't For Texas. In it, he talked about how being a Texan inspired him to do great things, not to mention how Texas forever changed the history of its people, not to mention the two nations of which it has been a part. That song has got me to thinking, though, about what Tennessee means to me, especially since it was a bunch of Tennessee men who essentially founded modern Texas.

If it wasn't for Tennessee, I do not know at this point where I would be or just what I would be doing.

If it wasn't for Tennessee I would never have met my wife, might never have really fallen in love, and may very well have never been a married man.

If it wasn't for Tennessee, I might never know what it means to be a Freeholder-to own your own home and your own land, or to be a free man in the truest sense of what the Founders meant that term to be.

If it wasn't for Tennessee, I would wager a million dollars that I would not be able to do the things that I love.

If it wasn't for Tennessee, I would likely never have involved myself so deeply in the community, in public affairs the way that I do.

If it wasn't for Tennessee I would not have neighbors who make a habit of showing their love and appreciation on a daily basis, and for whom the expression "I'll pray for you" is a promise.

Everything that I am or ever hope to be is somehow tied to a piece of ground that stretches from Bristol to Chattanooga, over to Memphis and up to Tiptonville and Lake County.

After awhile you understand that if you are really tied to it you feel it deep down in the bone, in the soul.

If it wasn't for Tennessee I would not understand what that feels like.



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