Saturday, April 28, 2007

Corruption is colorblind

I normally wouldn't write about something so serious on a Saturday, but yesterday's conviction of former State Senator John Ford on federal bribery charges has brought the inevitable reaction from some liberal quarters that if Ford were a white Republican, this would never have happened.

John Ford, and for that matter, much of the Ford family, are crooks and con artists to the nth degree. Wrongdoing knows no race, color, or political party. Democrats and liberals who whine and moan about some fabricated injustice in this case apparently forget which political party has been the party of legislative power in this State for nearly a century-and-a-half. When political parties are in power for that long, they become far less concerned with any principles that they may have had at one time and more concerned with consolidating power. Such an environment is a breeding ground for political corruption, as so-called leaders begin to think themselves immune from normal standards of ethics or morality.

Lest anyone think I am just being a partisan Republican when I say this, I will tell you that I believe if the situation were reversed and the Republicans had been in power for that long, Republicans would be experiencing the same sort of thing that is happening to John Ford and the other Waltzers, in that the majority of the guilty would be Republicans. They would deserve the same shame that has rightly come the way of those (Democrats and Republicans) who are guilty in Tennessee Waltz. If you don't think that I would hold to the same standards in such a situation that I am here, remember that I have called corrupt Republicans out before in these very pages.

Using race-as many are wanton to do-as a cheap crutch and a scapegoat to try and avoid the service of justice is just as bad in the Tennessee of 2007 as it was in the Mississippi of the 1950's and 60's. The guilty should be punished no matter what color their skin happens to be.



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