Sunday, November 05, 2006

My college football rankings this week-the Michigan Sucks edition

Here are my votes for this weeks IRACF College Football poll:

1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
3 Louisville
4 Texas
5 Auburn
6 Florida
7 Southern Cal
8 California
9 Notre Dame
10 Arkansas
11 LSU
12 West Virginia
13 Tennessee
14 Boise St.
15 Rutgers
16 Wisconsin
17 Oklahoma
18 Wake Forest
19 Georgia Tech
20 Virginia Tech
21 Oregon
22 Boston College
23 Maryland
24 Texas A&M
25 BYU

I was so disappointed in Tennessee...I was really hoping for a trip to the SEC Championship Game and I thought that if Tennessee could win this game they just might beat Arkansas as well. We'll see what happens to Philip Fulmer at the end of the season if the Vols lose another game.

At this point (after Louisville's upset of West Virginia) the top three teams in the nation are locks provided one of them does not lose a game between now and the third Saturday in November in two weeks. There are those who believe that an Ohio State loss to Michigan will result merely in a flip in the BCS standings-standings which, for a change, reflect the reality in college football.

I don't believe the human pollsters will allow for the National Championship game to be a redux of Ohio State and Michigan, even though those of us who are fans of that great rivalry would love the thought. What that does mean is that unless Louisville loses between now and the end of their season, they are going to Tempe, Arizona. It also means, however, that they won't win the National Championship-they will be the formality that the Champion must complete to march around with the crystal football.

The real national championship game will be played in two weeks in Columbus, Ohio, as part of a normally scheduled season-ending rivalry game. I suppose those of you who haven't yet figured out what a huge fan I am of the Scarlet and Grey can now be let in on that reality. Others of you who know me well already know that fact and know that it isn't a matter of fair weather rooting. In two weeks I will whip out my #14 Bobby Hoying jersey that I have not worn since I was in college and break it in all over again. Do you reckon it still fits?

Ohio State and Michigan
for that national championship-Woody Hayes is somewhere laughing. The tempermental old Irishman is spinning in his grave. He hated Michigan and played many a game of consequence against them, but he would have lived for a game like the one that will happen in two weeks.

Like any good Tennessee fan, I hate Florida. I root for Florida to lose every time they take the field. I really hated them when Spurrier was there. Some of the edge is gone now that Urban Meyer is the Head Coach because I had great admiration for Meyer when he was at Bowling Green so I can't bring myself to "hate" the guy-but I still hate the team he coaches.

Like any good Ohio State fan, I don't hate Michigan-I despise the Michigan Wolverines with every fiber of my very being. If I can avoid it, I will not so much as set foot in the State of Michigan. I once went to Ann Arbor for a Del McCoury concert-Del could get me to go where I normally would not. Aaron Harris was with me, and he can verify that when we passed by Michigan Stadium I was quite public in flipping the bird. That doesn't mean that there aren't Michigan players or coaches (Bo Schembechler-even though he was a traitor) I don't personally admire...but hate is a mild word to describe my feelings about Michigan football.

That game won't be just a game-it will be a classic for the ages, I believe it will be one that serious football fans will remember where they were when it was played in 20 years. So I am giving everyone advance warning-make plenty of your favorite snacks that day-make nachos, order pizza, make homemade subs. I am asking Nicole to make peanut butter Buckeyes-an Ohio State campus tradition-especially for the occasion. Whatever you do, you may want to complete your snack preparation before the game starts because if you intend to watch it, your rear end may glue itself to your seat-this one will be tighter than the air hole on a Michelin tire.

If you have ever called me during the day and not reached me, I can guarantee you that I'll be home watching this game (unless I can actually find someone throwing a football party leading off with The Game)-I will not guarantee that I will answer the phone, however.

Batton down the hatches boys, war will be declared. It's gonna be fun.



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