Saturday, March 25, 2006

On Houses-and control of the House

Today's entry may not prove to be as extensive as usual, but this is because Nicole and I are going on a serious house search today and I expect that it may take all day. Regular readers who are from Knox County should take note that not every home we are looking at is here. In fact, so far, the one we are most interested in is in White Pine in Jefferson County, and there are several more in Morristown that we are also interested in, but we also have plenty of properties we are interested in here in Knox County. In addition to finding a domacile, we are also looking for a place with enough land to build a greenhouse so that we can start the business we've always dreamed of.

Strangely enough, the Nashville City Paper, not exactly known to be the most unbiased publication in the state, had a great article on the possibility that the GOP will control both Houses of the General Assembly for the first time since Reconstruction. The Republicans have a number of things going in their favor, including Tennessee Waltz and the marriage amendment. I still believe it will be an uphill climb for the GOP unless Bredesen gets an opponent-if he does, win or lose in the Governor's race, the Republicans have a shot at the House. If Bredesen runs unopposed, I predict the House will be a wash.

Tip of the hat to Adam Groves at Tennessee Politics.


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