Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Borking of John Roberts

I realize it has been a couple of days since my last regular post. The business of life these days doesn’t always allow me to be online long enough to post to the World every day, but hopefully in the coming days I will be able to post either in audio or written format with greater frequency. I ask the continued prayers of all those readers and listeners who truly believe in prayer.

The Borking of John Roberts continues. Now, as informed visitors to this web log are likely aware, Democrats are attempting to force the White House to turn over documents that pertain to Roberts’ days as White House Counsel. These sorts of documents normally fall under attorney-client privilege, and the Bush Administration is rightly claiming such a privilege. The Democrats are so bent on finding something wrong with Roberts, they are crying foul over the failure of the White House to release information that is privileged between the President’s lawyer and the Commander-in-Chief.

We have come to a sad day in American jurisprudence when a minority party can use obstructionist tactics to stop the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice with a perfectly good record by trying to obtain private communications between a previous administration and its attorney. This behavior is dirty, foul, and low-minded. The reason for such a stoop to the political gutter boils down to one issue alone: Abortion.

Liberal Democrats hate the idea of pro-life judges. They do not believe that pro-lifers can decide cases fairly, and the original intent of the Constitution is irrelevant to those who do not believe in the Constitution. Therefore, the opposition is looking for any reason to vote Judge Roberts down, as they see the opinion polls (by which they govern everything they do) which say that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe Roberts should be confirmed. The Democrats know that if they are seen to obstruct the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice that the public believes is a perfectly good candidate for the job, their true motive of viewpoint-based discrimination and anti-Christian bigotry will become apparent, and political suicide will be the end result. Therefore, in order to get what they want, Democrats must dig up dirt on Judge Roberts, even if it is false and politically motivated. If Judge Roberts goes down, perhaps he will take the Democrats down with him.


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